What products can Andres help with?

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Why choose Andres?

Andres is the largest, oldest, and most experienced manufacturer of glass sauna solutions in Estonia, whose product range includes more than 250 high-quality glass products. We help you to create the sauna and bathroom of your dreams by offering both standard and custom-sized glass doors, full-glass solutions for saunas and shower rooms, and classic and modern LED mirrors. A significant part of Andres’ finished products are available in 36 countries around the world.

  • Andres’ glass solutions are of high quality, have a long service life, and are safe
  • Andres offers a wide range of products for every taste
  • Andres’ service is professional and fast, exceeding customer expectations
  • The Andres’ brand has a long and successful history in the global glass market

How do I become a partner with Andres?

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